Key Fobs

How do I get my key fob if I didn’t pick it up during the initial distribution?

Email with your request.

How many key fobs can I have?

HOA members are allowed to have up to two functioning key fobs.  If you only have one and would like to purchase another, the cost is $15.

I’m a new homeowner. How do I get a key fob?

If the previous homeowner did not give you their fob(s), email – there is no cost to you as that is covered in your initiation fee.

How do I replace my lost/stolen key fob?

Email and AIO will contact you. There is a $15 charge per fob.

My fob will not open the gate. What do I do?

Your account must be in good standing in order for your key fob to work.  You should contact our property manager (All in One) to discuss your account.

Can I loan out my key fob?

No.  Key fobs are for the use of members only.  Members may bring up to 4 guests, but they must accompany the guests at all times.

What happens if someone abuses their access?

Cameras are in use and record every time someone opens the gate.

Need help with a key fob?

Need help with a key fob? Email


Need help with a key fob? Email

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