ACC standards

The Country Walk Homeowners Association’s Architectural Control Committee standards were developed to maintain the aesthetic beauty of our neighborhood and to keep the property values high. The standards are set by and enforced by the ACC committee with the support of the Board of Directors. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain a city/county permit for any projects that may require one. 

Arbors, Trellises, Shepherd Hooks, etc.

Permitted with the following requirements:

  • Location of arbors, trellises and shepherd hooks must be approved by the ACC
  • No artificial flowers or plants will be permitted
  • Arbors & trellises must be maintained in good condition
  • Plants growing on arbors and trellises must be healthy and groomed regularly
  • One shepherd hook is permitted and must be placed appropriately with healthy plants growing in the baskets Basketball Goals/Backboards/Play Equipment

Permitted with the following requirements:

  • The backboard, net and hoop shall be maintained in good condition
  • Post shall be painted black and maintained on a regular basis
  • Only one goal per property
  • Goal shall be placed adjacent to the driveway. Goal may not be placed at the curb or end of the driveway
  • Basketball goals may not be mounted to the house/garage
  • Placement of play equipment requires ACC approval if visible from the street

Birdbaths, Figurines, Lawn Ornaments, House Ornaments, Fountains, etc.

  • Birdfeeders, birdbaths, birdhouses, wind chimes, figurines/statues shall not be visible from the street
  • Lawn ornaments, yard art or permanent decorations shall not be visible from the street
  • Fountains and ponds shall not be visible from the street
  • House ornaments visible from the street must be approved

Burn Barrels

  • Burn barrels are not allowed per Cobb County ordinance.

Powder Springs Code Enforcement Rules for Burning on Private Property

Cobb County Code Enforcement Rules for Burning on Private Property


  • All vehicles must be parked in the garage or driveway of a property. City ordinance prohibits parking on the street
  • Parking on the lawn or in the yard is not permitted at any time
  • No inoperable vehicles or vehicles without current tags are to be parked in the driveway or on the street
  • Any vehicle cover must be neutral and in excellent condition

Commercial vehicles as defined by the City of Powder Springs may be parked on the driveway for no more than 48 consecutive hours.  Definition of commercial vehicles:


  • Personal effects such as but not limited to indoor furniture, boxes, toys, rugs, yard pinwheels, grills, landscaping paraphernalia, etc. are prohibited if visible from the street.

Curbs/ Driveways/Sidewalks

  • Curb area, driveways and sidewalks shall be edged regularly and shall be kept free of debris (grass clippings, pine straw, leaves, pine cones, etc.)
  • All driveway construction or alteration must have prior written approval of the ACC
  • Collapsed driveways and sidewalks shall be replaced promptly. The City maintains the Country Walk Drive sidewalk.
  • Landscaping lights must be ACC approved and properly installed/maintained


  • Staining or painting of decks, both front and backyard, must be approved by the ACC


  • No obvious edging or border is permitted without approval by the ACC
  • Black edging must be installed properly with only the top edge showing
  • Plastic edging and low edging fences are not permitted
  • All edging in one yard must be of the same type, shape and color
  • Layer(s) of block edging stone is permitted around planting areas. All edging material should be properly installed:
    dug into the ground enough to be level, neat and straight  and so they do not tip over or get knocked out of place
  • Once edging is properly installed maintenance is expected.

    Exterior Materials

    • All materials require ACC approval
    • Natural wood lap siding and hardboard lap siding are permitted. Vinyl siding shake siding or other materials are not permitted.
    • No painting or staining of brick or brick mortar shall be permitted
    • Vinyl windows are allowed


    • All plans and specifications for fences require approval by the ACC prior to the installation of the fence
    • All fences must be constructed of natural wood or wood texture composite.
    • All fences shall be natural wood color and maintained on a regular basis
    • Finished side must face outward on privacy fences
    • Front yard fences are prohibited


    • One flag (no larger than 3’ x 5’) may be mounted on the front of the home
    • One decorative garden flag is allowed
    • All flags must be in good condition (not faded or tattered)
    • Only the US flag may fly on a pole mounted in the ground
    • The flying of the US flag should follow Federal statutes. The board reserves the right to remove offensive flags


    • All furniture placed on the front porch must be wood, wrought iron or wicker. Furniture must be kept in good condition
    • No furniture is allowed anywhere BUT on the front porch
    • No plastic, folding chairs or PVC furniture may be visible from the street
    • Benches placed in the yard as part of a landscape plan require approval of the ACC

    Garbage Carts/Recycle Carts/Yard waste containers 

    • Garbage carts/recycle carts/ yard waste containers shall be stored such that they are not visible from the street
    • Enclosures for garbage carts/recycle carts/yard waste containers must be approved by the ACC (see specs below)

    Specifications for constructed enclosures to hide trash carts/recycle carts/yard waste containers from the street

    • You may construct an “L” shaped enclosure no closer than five (5) feet from the side front edge of your house
    • The enclosure may be not larger than four (4) feet wide by six (6) feet long and six (6) high
    • The enclosure is to be constructed of either pine or cedar dog ear privacy boards or wood texture composite
    • The dog ear privacy boards must be 1 x 6 by 6 feet long
    • The boards are to remain natural with a natural wood color stain
    • You are asked to provide a sketch of your proposed enclosure before you begin construction detailing the placement position, the shape, the boards to be used and the color of wood stain.
    • Garbage carts/recycle carts shall be placed at the curb no earlier than Tuesday late afternoon for collection and then stored away by 9:00 p.m. after the trash is picked up on Wednesday  (per City code, see below)
    • Yard waste containers shall be placed no earlier than Sunday late afternoon for collection on Monday and then stored away after pickup on Monday. If the City does not pick up yard waste then the containers must be removed from the curb until the following week  (per City code, see below)

    Garage Windows

    • Garage (house) windows may be covered with white or off-white window treatments
    • If garage (house) windows are covered, they must ALL be covered
    • Garage (house) windows may not be painted or tinted
    • Garage (DOOR) windows may not be covered or painted.


    • Gutters shall be cleaned on a regular basis and kept debris free. Debris includes, but is not limited to, leaves, pine straw, weeds, etc.

    Gutters may not be removed from the house

    Holiday Decorations

    • Holiday decorations may be displayed four weeks prior to the holiday and must be removed no later than three weeks after the holiday.
    • Winter holiday decorations may be displayed starting on November 13 and must be removed by January 15.

    Hoses, Garden Equipment

    • Hoses, brooms, tools and garden equipment shall be stored such that they are not visible from the street
    • Only hose enclosures where the hose cannot be seen are permitted. Visibility of the small connecting hose from the enclosure to the water valve is permitted.

    House Numbers

    • House numbers on the mailboxes shall be maintained such that they are easily seen
    • House numbers may be placed on the house. Materials and placement of the numbers must be approved by the ACC
    • House numbers are strictly prohibited from being painted on the curb or placed in the yard


    • Islands/planting areas may be covered only with pine straw, cedar mulch, pine mulch, pine bark, bark mulch, natural wood chips or cypress chips
    • Cover materials shall be refreshed as needed
    • Islands/planting areas shall be weeded regularly and be kept debris free. Debris includes, but is not limited to, grass clippings, leaves, pine cones, weeds and trash


    • Any alteration of landscaping plan requires approval of the ACC
    • Ivy should be neatly maintained and not allowed to grow out of control on the house, lawn, fence, trees or sidewalks.
    • Ivy should never be allowed to invade your neighbor’s property without permission.
    • All landscaping lights require approval of the ACC
    • All landscaping lights must match, be maintained in working order and remain in an aesthetically neat arrangement


    • Lawns shall be maintained and edged regularly
    • Lawns shall not exceed 4 inches in height
    • Lawns shall be kept debris free. Debris includes, but is not limited to, grass clippings, leaves, pine cones, weeds and trash
    • Lawns should be fertilized and re-seeded annually to maintain aesthetic appeal and prevent weed growth
    • Trees in the front yard should be kept pruned so that they do not hang over the house, over the sidewalk, or over a neighbor’s house
    • Trees and bushes must not encroach the sidewalks
    • Trees should be pruned regularly and the canopy should be kept off the ground

    Lawns: Shady Front Yards

    • Grass should be grown where possible
    • Grass should be grown where there is sufficient sunlight. Different varieties of grass should be considered for lower levels of sunlight
    • Mulch should be used where plants cannot grow. Mulch used must follow ACC guidelines as listed below under “mulch”
    • Shrubbery in the front of the house should be trimmed on a regular basis


    • Porch lights are to be clear, not of color
    • Decorative lighting (except as part of landscaping) single or strung may not be seen from the street


    • The “Avenues” by Addresses of Distinction is the official mailbox system. You can order a mailbox online
      ( or call 770-436-6198
    • All mailbox parts and components must be purchased from Addresses of Distinction
    • Mailbox font for all new mailboxes and replacement on non Addresses of Distinction mailboxes must be 2”Gold Vinyl Numbers – Times New Roman Bold on the Williamsburg Address Number Plate
    • Mailboxes, house numbers and posts shall be maintained to allow easy recognition of the house numbers
    • On the non-Addresses of Distinction mailboxes with the raised numbers, the numbers may be painted gold or silver
    • Mailbox shall have a red flag on the right side of the box which conforms to USPS standards. See:  US Postal Service Standard Mailboxes, Curbside (SPUSPS-STD-7B01)
    • Mailboxes shall be maintained to keep them rust free with all parts in working order
    • Mailboxes and posts shall not have any “non-postal” items placed on them such as hanging baskets, flags, stickers, banners, etc. except during the holidays and other special occasions
    • Flowers or a flowering vine may be planted around the mailbox post, but shall be maintained so they do not conflict with any other mailbox provision. Only live plants allowed.  No plastic plants.
    • The bed around the mailbox may not be filled in with any type of rocks
    • Landscaping around the mailbox may not conflict with the rest of the ACC standards


    Each homeowner shall keep and maintain each lot and structure in good condition and repair including but not limited to:

    • Power washing dirt and mildew, painting, repair of rotten or broken boards, or any other appropriate external care of all structures.
    • The seeding, watering and mowing/edging of all lawns
    • The pruning and trimming of all trees, hedges and shrubbery
    • The maintenance shall extend from the boundaries of the lot to the curb


    • Approved mulches are pine straw, pine bark, bark mulch, cedar mulch and wood chips
    • No rocks or grass clippings are permitted in the front yard to be use as mulch. Brown, black, red, or natural colored mulch is allowed
    • Rubber mulch is not permitted.

    Other Structures

    • Constructed sheds/storage buildings require ACC approval
    • Constructed sheds/storage buildings must match the housing materials (siding, trim, roof, color scheme, etc,)
    • Sheds may not be metal or plastic. They must be sided with wood or fiber cement siding to match the siding on the house.
    • Constructed sheds/storage buildings are to be no larger than 8 feet x 10 feet x 10 feet tall
    • Tree houses/play houses require ACC approval


    • The approved paint color book is available by contacting the ACC or AIO management company at 678-363-6479
    • The ACC must approve all paint/stain colors for the exterior parts (including the chimney cap) of the house. A modification form with paint chips must be submitted to the ACC committee prior to painting.  This procedure applies even if repainting the existing approved colors.

    Pools & Spa Equipment

    Plans for proposed swimming pools, hot tubs, surrounding decks, fencing and screening must be submitted for approval before clearing, grading, or construction is commenced

    • Above ground pools are strictly prohibited

    Potted Plants

    • Decorative planters may be placed on the front porch. Planters shall have healthy plants growing in them
    • Empty planters shall be stored where they are not visible from the street
    • Plants potted in large buckets or containers other than decorative planters shall not be visible from the street
    • Decorated planters/pots visible from the street are not allowed outside the flower/tree beds

    Recreational Vehicles and Trailers

    • No trailer, house trailer, mobile home, motor home, recreational vehicle, camper, truck with camper top, jet skis, boat or boat trailer or like equipment shall be permitted on any lot on a permanent basis
    • Such vehicles are permitted on a temporary basis, not to exceed 48 hours and must receive prior ACC approval
    • Any such vehicles or equipment may be stored on a lot, provided it is kept in the garage and concealed from view by the neighboring residences

    Retaining Walls

    • Placement of retaining walls requires ACC approval prior to construction
    • Retaining walls may be built out of railroad ties, stone or concrete block. Materials must be approved by the ACC


    • Roofs should be maintained with matching shingles at all times
    • Roofs should be blown off regularly to avoid the gathering of roof debris Roofs should be free from mildew, algae, and streaking


    • The ACC may establish setback requirements for the location of additions and fences. No structure shall be erected or placed on any lot unless its location is consistent with such setbacks Signs

    No signs except:

    • One “For Sale” sign with a maximum face area of four square feet may be displayed in the front yard of a lot
    • Signs that are celebratory in nature (i.e. new baby, birthday, graduation, etc.) may be up no longer than seven (7) days.
    • In the case of an event (i.e. garage sale) the sign may be put up no sooner than 24 hours in advance of the event. Signs must be removed promptly after the event has ended
    • Only one job identification sign (i.e. painter, roofer, etc.) may be displayed while the work is being done
    • Temporary political signs are permitted 6 weeks before the official Election Day and must be removed the day after the election. A maximum of two political signs may be displayed on any one lot
    • No signs (i.e. lost pet, advertising, garage sale, political, etc.) are permitted on the street signs and throughout the Common Areas (exception: Board-approved Country Walk HOA-related information)

    Storm/Screen Doors

    • Front storm/screen doors are permitted only with full glass or screen inserts
    • Front storm/screen doors must be the same color of either the trim or accent color of the house
    • Wood or half screen doors are permitted on the rear of the house
    • Storm/screen doors shall not remain in the open position on a permanent basis. If broken, repair so that the storm/screen door may be closed


    • Trees that are broken damaged or that fall during a storm are to be cleaned up immediately
    • Trees that are diseased or determined to be dangerous by the City Arborist should be removed promptly
    • Homeowners do not need to wait for ACC committee approval to remove a hazardous tree
    • For the above submit a modification form along with the letter from the arborist for record keeping purposes only.
    • ACC approval is required to remove any other non-hazardous tree. Submit a modification form stating the reason the tree needs to be removed along with a copy of the letter of approval from a licensed arborist.
    • Stumps must be chipped/removed when tree are cut down and the wood chips may not be spread throughout the visible lawn
    • Trees should be pruned regularly and the canopy must be kept off the ground.

     Window Treatments

    • Window blinds shall be maintained in good condition
    • All window treatments shall be white or off-white as seen from the street
    • Window unit air conditioners are not permitted if visible from the street
    • No decorative decals or stickers on the windows may be seen from the street

    Wood Piles

    • Wood piles shall be maintained in the rear of the house and shall not be visible from the street 


    Approval Process

    This process is to obtain approval of any alteration, repainting, addition, landscaping change, etc.  This process is designed to keep all properties in compliance with the Country Walk design standards and/or the covenants and restrictions.

    ACC Modification Request

    • Fill out the ACC Modification Request form which you will find at under the Architectural tab, modification, PDF Documents modification request. Attach all required diagrams, sample chips, photos, design plans, etc
    • Mail the completed form and attachments to: All In One Management, 5200 Dallas Highway, Suite 200/#266, Powder Springs, GA 30127
    • OR Email the form and attachments to:
    • OR you may drop off the form and attachments at the AIO office: 110 Evans Mill Drive, Suite 702, Dallas, GA 30157
    • The request will be reviewed by the ACC as soon as possible and will be approved or denied with an explanation. Please allow up to 30 days to obtain a response.
    • The Country Walk approved paint color scheme book can be checked out by contacting AIO at 678-363-6479 or contacting an ACC committee member
    • Approvals of modification requests expire after six months.


    Dispute Process

    The ACC may recommend that a house/structure/lot have maintenance performed such as painting, landscaping, etc.  to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the neighborhood.  If the homeowner does not agree with the finding of the ACC the following steps should be taken:

    • Contact the ACC within 10 days of the date on the first violation/official warning notice for a re-evaluation
    • If the homeowner still does not agree with the re-evaluation results an email should be sent to AIO requesting a meeting with the Board of Directors for an appeal hearing. The correspondence should be sent within 10 days of the re-evaluation

    If the homeowner does not contact the ACC or Board of Directors within 10 days of the date on the first violation/official warning notice, it is assumed that the homeowner agrees with and shall comply with the ACC’s and/or Board of Director’s findings.



    Notice – Courtesy Notification

    • This first Notice is meant as a “friendly neighborhood reminder” and carries no penalty. The intention of the reminder is to simply ask one of our neighbors for attention in an area of concern.
    • While we know there is a great deal of work that our residents put into their houses and lawns; the first notice is just a snapshot of what was noticed on inspection.
    • If you receive a Courtesy Notification and there are extenuating circumstances that prevent your attending to this in a timely manner, then contact:

    First Violation – Official Warning Notice

    • The homeowner will have 20 day grace period from the date on the First Violation-Official Warning Notice to correct the problem or notify the ACC with a plan of action.
    • If the problem is not resolved during the 20 day grace period then beginning on the 21st day after the date on the First Violation – Official Warning Notice, a penalty of $25 per day will be assessed against the homeowner until the problem is resolved.
    • If the violation has been corrected then the homeowner should notify AIO in writing the date of the correction supplying a picture for proof by either emailing or mailing to Country Walk HOA, 5200 Dallas Highway, Suite 200/#266, Powder Springs, GA 30127.
    • Or email the date that the violation will be corrected.
    • Or email to contest the violation. This violation carries no fine.

    Second Violation – Notice of First Fine

    • The homeowner receives notice of the first fine of at least $125 which has accumulated since the 21st day of the First Violation-Official Warning Notice. Also the homeowner is notified that the penalty of $25 per day will continue to be assessed to the homeowner until the problem is resolved.
    • Once the violation is corrected, notify AIO in writing the date of the correction supplying a picture for proof by either emailing or mailing to Country Walk HOA, 5200 Dallas Highway, Suite 200/#266, Powder Springs, GA 30127.
    • Or email the date that the violation will be corrected.
    • Or email to contest the violation. This violation carries a penalty as stated above.

    Third Violation – Notice of Second Fine

    • At this stage the ACC violation(s) has/have not been corrected within the designated time frame as stated in Country Walk Covenants. Therefore, fines have been assessed at an amount of $25.00 per day since the 21st day of the First Violation – Official Warning Notice and will continue accruing until the problem is resolved.
    • Unless the homeowner notifies the office within 30 days of the date on the third violation-notice of second fine that you dispute the validity of this debt or any portion thereof, the office will assume this debt is valid. If you notify this office in writing within 30 days from the date on the third violation-notice of second fine, this office will obtain verification of the debt or obtain a copy of the judgement and mail you a copy of such judgement or verification. This is an attempt to collect a debt, and any information will be used for that purpose. (pursuant to 15 USCA 1692)
    • The burden of proof of receipt will be on the homeowner. It is suggested that communication be sent in writing via Certified Mail or another method showing actual delivery.


    Homeowners shall respond to all violation notices in writing to: OR

    Country Walk HOA

    5200 Dallas Highway

    Suite 200/#266

    Powder Springs, GA 30127



    Call 678-363-6479

    ACC Standards



    September  2020