The Background

Thirty years ago when the Country Walk neighborhood was being developed, it was the talk of the town. We were the first neighborhood in the Powder Springs area to offer such nice amenities. Previously, you had to move closer to Atlanta to live in a swim-tennis community. Powder Springs was moving-on-up!

Over the years thousands of HOA members, and their guests, have enjoyed the benefits the amenities offer to those living in Country Walk. Whether it was a family outing at the pool, bringing home a tennis championship or chasing kids on the playground, it’s been a place where families and friends have created many cherished memories.

Over the last few years it has become increasingly evident that our amenities needed some serious attention and so over the last year the board began to think through a strategy on prioritizing and organizing an effort to refresh and revitalize the amenities area. Eventually it became clear that we were going to have do it in phases with a goal to complete the project in five years. We came up with the name Country Walk 22 to represent that vision.

The Design

Country Walk 22 Master Plan (first iteration)

We knew we needed a professional designer to help, so we hired Todd Guilmette with Unique Environmental Landscapes as our landscape architect. Todd came up with the first iteration of our plans which included the addition of the splash pad and landscaping improvements in the amenities and part of the front entrance. These plans represented a framework to help us as we implemented the changes. There may be some elements that are never realized, and there may be a future iteration that only changes slightly.

Here are PDF downloads of the plan if you prefer.


CW22 Phase 1 Projects Completed

The following projects were completed in 2017 without any increase to the assessments:

  • Removed 5 Bradford Pear trees in front of the pavilion and other older and diseased shrubs and trees around the amenities area
  • Added a splash pad with two water features and nine spray jets
  • Added an 1100 gallon reserve tank for the splash pad
  • Added 3 pumps and 1 filter for the splash pad
  • Changed the pump room lights to LED
  • Added approximately 3500 sq. ft. to the pool deck
  • Installed a 7.5 horsepower commercial pool pump
  • Installed 9 new skimmers
  • Added 1 additional pool filter
  • Rebuilt the manifold system for the pump and filters
  • Purchased a portable ADA compliant chair lift
  • Resurfaced the decking around the pool and under the pavilion
  • Replaced the fencing around the pool and pavilion and relocated the entrance to the pavilion
  • Added stone to the base of all the pavilion and clubhouse columns
  • Replaced the landscaping in front of the clubhouse, in front of the pavilion, and beside the pool
  • Added sod between the tennis courts and playground
  • Installed three new irrigation zones and repaired the existing system
  • Added landscape drainage around the pool
  • Added fencing around the playground area and two other small areas to completely secure the amenities
  • Replaced all the downspouts around the community room and pavilion
  • Added controlled access to the gates
  • Added controlled access to the bathrooms
  • Added a ten-camera surveillance system
  • Changed all the lights in the pavilion to LED

2018 CW22 PHASE 2

2018 will be another exciting year for CW22. We will be focused on:

  • Remove Bradford Pear trees and other diseased trees
  • New landscaping along part of Shipp Road
  • New landscaping along Country Walk Drive in front of the amenities
  • Enhancement of the main entrance sign
  • Install 3 new pool filters to replace the aging existing filters
  • Replace the splash pad motion sensor with a push button timer switch
  • Replacing the most deteriorated street signs

Below is a concept drawing of what the new front entrance monument will look like. The sign itself has not been designed yet. As soon as we have a sign design we will post it here.

Future Projects Under Consideration

Here’s a list of some improvements that we will be considering over the remaining three years. Please feel free to share your ideas with a board member or at the monthly meetings.

  • Replace the remaining street signs
  • Rebuilding the basketball court in a different area and possibly changing to a half court
  • Adding another play area for younger children
  • Rebuilding the tennis courts in the same location
  • Building a dog park across Country Walk Drive where the old playground used to be
  • Building a volleyball court near the playground area
  • Moving the playground closer to the swimming pool

2019 Thru 2022

We haven’t nailed down these details yet. We want to finish the second phase of the project and gather input from the HOA members before we finalize the details on the next three years, so stay tuned!