Monthly Board of Directors Meetings

The board of directors meets the second Monday of every month in the clubhouse.

There is a pre-meeting that begins at 6:30. It’s a time usually used to fellowship with other neighbors but also to ask board members questions.

The open session portion of the meeting is officially called to order at 7pm. Though its purpose is for the board of directors to conduct the business of the associations, it is pretty laid back with lots of opportunity for non board members to share thoughts and provide feedback about current HOA business and issues.

After the business of the open session is concluded, the board adjourns to executive session where they handle the more sensitive and private matters of the association.

A meeting agenda is emailed out every month before the meeting. Make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter distribution list in order to receive these agendas and other important association news and announcements.

Annual Members Meeting

Once a year the association meets for the purpose of electing new members to the board of directors. There are nine board members and one year five directors are elected and the following year four directors are elected.

Besides electing board members, the annual meeting also provides a previous years summary of the associations activity and a financial report.