• Purpose – Oversee operations and management of amenities and amenities related activities (e.g., key fobs, reservations, furniture, supplies etc.).
  • Chairperson – Dan Phillips

Architectural Control

  • Purpose – Set, maintain, and enforce architectural standards for the neighborhood.
  • Chairperson – Kathy Johnson


  • Purpose – Develop and maintain a comprehensive communications strategy utilizing the website, newsletter, and social media to keep homeowners informed.
  • Chairperson – Marge Tamas


  • Purpose – Oversee HOA finances, making certain that all pertinent laws and regulations are followed; ensuring standard financial reports are readily available to the membership and assisting and advising the board in managing funds and long-term planning.
  • Chairperson¬†– Kathy Johnson


  • Purpose – Oversee the maintenance and care of all amenities and common areas landscaping, retention ponds, and empty lots.
  • Chairperson – Dan Phillips


  • Purpose – Oversee the maintenance and repair of buildings, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC systems, parking lots, lighting, tennis courts, playgrounds, fencing, and pool decking in the amenities area.
  • Chairperson – Tom Hall


  • Purpose – Identify and recruit potential board candidates while also providing an open nomination process to the entire membership, working out details and logistics for the annual meeting, presenting candidates to membership, planning events for meeting candidates, working with the management company to ensure ballots are proper, and count votes at the meeting.
  • Chairperson – Kay Peterson


  • Purpose – Oversee matters regarding HOA security including patrols, cameras, and locks while assisting other committees when needed for security-related issues and maintaining an environment that makes members feel as safe and secure as reasonably possible.
  • Chairperson – Tom Hall


  • Purpose – Plan and execute a variety of social events and activities that minimally include: two garage sales, Easter Egg Hunt, Fourth of July parade, Halloween parade, and a holiday party in December.
  • Chairperson – Connie Phillips


  • Purpose – Welcome individuals and families new to the Country Walk neighborhood.
  • Chairperson – Kay Peterson