A Covenant Community

Country Walk Homeowners Association Inc. is governed by Covenants and Bylaws. In addition, there are also Architectural Control Standards that provide very specific parameters for the outward appearance of lots. These documents together, provide the framework for our association and serve the purpose of protecting the aesthetic beauty of the neighborhood in order to protect property values. These rules and standards apply to all members and compliance is expected and appreciated. Non-compliance will result in the risk financial penalties.

The Bylaws establish a Board of Directors, nine elected individuals serving two-year terms, as the governing entity of the association. The Board is responsible for ensuring the covenants are followed and the association is protected as well as overseeing the day-to-day operations of the organizations.

The board enlist volunteers and paid vendors to assist them in performing these important duties and tasks. The volunteers work within various committees that oversee specific areas of responsibility, such as architectural control, board elections and social activities. The day-to-day operations are the responsibilities of All-In-One Community Management. They handle the most important, operational issues including assessments, bookkeeping, accounts payable, fines and lot inspections, among others. Other contractors take care of more specialized areas like landscaping and pool maintenance.

The governing documents are posted here on the website for your convenience, so that they are easily accessible and searchable. If you prefer a PDF version, the same version that is available in the Cobb County deed books, you can download it here.