Life in Country Walk

Growing up a ‘Country Walk Kid’

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Karen, Lori, and Amy Tamas If you ask homeowners why they decided to move to Country Walk, very often you’ll hear them mention that its family friendliness was a prime attraction. But how does the “family friendly” thing work out in practice? For that perspective, we needed to interview some experts: kids who

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The Uniqueness of the Country Store

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A true Country Walk moment: you’re mid-recipe and realize you’re out of eggs. Or butter. Or baking powder. No problem -- the Country Store will have it, and one of the kids will be happy to hop on their bike and get it in a jiffy, especially since they know they can use the change

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Still Home After All These Years

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One of the great things about Country Walk is that it is a real neighborhood, not just a place where people live. Neighbors bond in lasting relationships with the folks who live next door. We asked some residents who have lived here for 25 years or longer what they valued about the neighborhood and their

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