1. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult
  2. No skates, skateboards, bikes or motorized vehicles except for mobility assistance equipment
  3. Be considerate of others; no loud music, yelling, cursing and other such behaviors
  4. All amenities are first-come first-serve, unless there is a reservation
  5. If an HOA member wishes to have more than 6 guests, they must make a reservation
  6. HOA members not in good standing cannot be considered guests of other HOA members
  7. No animals allowed with the exception of service animals
  8. Infants or children with a diarrheal illness are not allowed in the pool or splash pad
  9. Incontinent individuals, as well as infants and children not toilet trained or under 3 years old, must wear swim diapers and plastic swim pants to enter pool or splash pad
  10. People with open wounds, skin conditions, eye infections, or any communicable condition are not allowed in the pool or splash pad
  11. No spitting, spouting, or blowing nose in pool or splash pad
  12. Bathe or shower before entering the pool or splash pad
  13. No food/drink within ten feet of pool and no glass, sharp objects, or hazardous materials allowed
  14. No solo swimming, no running and no rough play
  15. Swimmers must wear swimwear (no cut-offs)
  16. Swimmers must exit the pool during the lifeguard safety break unless they wish to swim laps
  17. Only one swimmer at a time allowed on diving board (currently we don’t have a diving board but we hope to add it soon)
  18. Diving area must be clear of other patrons before diving is permitted
  19. No swimming allowed during heavy rain or when thunder and lightning can be seen or heard
  20. Members are responsible for damages caused by themselves or their guests
  21. Any members or guests who break these rules or act in any way deemed inconsiderate or inappropriate by the board may be asked to leave the premises and could face further penalty