We hope you enjoy the Country Walk amenities area!

The gates on to the amenities unlock every morning at 6am and lock every evening at 9pm. You must have a key fob to gain access. If you don’t have a key fob or are having trouble with your key fob, check out this page for assistance. The area is also under video surveillance for your security and protection.

All amenities are first-come first-served, unless there is a reservation. You can learn more about what amenities are available for reservations as well as make a reservation request on this page. Note that HOA members are allowed to bring up to ten guests at a time to the amenities. If you desire to bring more than that, a reservation is required.

Please remember to be careful not to damage our beautiful amenities; discard trash in a receptacle. Members are responsible for any damages caused by themselves or their guests. Make sure you get to know the rules.

The Clubhouse

The site of many Country Walk social functions and meetings, the Clubhouse may be reserved for showers, birthday parties, retirement parties, etc.


The site for many get-togethers, birthday parties, showers, weddings, etc. Country Walk homeowners may reserve the pavilion for a function. A nominal user fee is charged for use of the pavilion and if you plan to use the pool during the season, you may need to hire an additional lifeguard through the pool company.


Children have their own space within Country Walk, a playground to keep them active right in the heart of the amenities area. From monkey bars to slides to swings, there is something for all the children.

Swimming Pool & Splash Pad

Plenty of lounge chairs make it a great place to catch up with neighbors or just enjoy some time in the sun. The splash pad is a great place to cool off and have fun. A lifeguard is on duty during peak times to insure it is a safe place for families to enjoy time during the summer. Make sure to check the official lifeguard schedule. When a lifeguard is not on duty, swim at your own risk.

Tennis Courts

The name “Country Walk” is known to the community as a great place to play tennis with good people. There are four courts in the neighborhood so pick up a racket and get in the game.

Basketball Court

Country Walk’s basketball court is located between the pool and playground, adjacent to the tennis courts. There are two goals, which allows two half-court games at once, or players can go full-court.

JJ’s Country Store

Though technically not an amenity, JJ’s Country Store might as well be. Located at the entrance to the subdivision, JJ’s Country Store is a great place to grab that quick snack, corn dog, movie, or ice cream. You also can drop off dry cleaning, fill up the gas tank, make copies, send a fax, buy stamps, or hit the ATM — all without leaving the neighborhood. Check out this article for more information about this unique feature of our community.